Go In For The Kill With These 30 Angry Workout Tracks

Go In For The Kill With These 30 Angry Workout Tracks

Having an angry workout playlist is a great way to ensure that you can flip the switch and get in the mood to kill the weights, no matter what kind of day you’ve had. There are two genres that fit this bill: Rock and rap (specifically diss tracks). While other genres may pump you up, nothing matches these two in terms of sheer anger! Here are 30 songs to help build your angry playlist. These tracks definitely show anger and can get you in the zone. These tracks aren’t in any specific order, so mix and match as you please!


Tupac – Hit ‘Em Up Seen as one of the most violent diss tracks ever made, this Tupac track makes it easy to get mad at the weights! Just don’t try to enjoy the edited version. NaS – Ether A lyrical display from NaS that easily gets you pumped up after you analyze the lyrics ... as long as you aren’t a fan of Jay-Z! Ice Cube – No Vaseline What most would call the original diss track, ‘No Vaseline’ is aggressive and a good mood-setter. It’s vulgar, just like your beast inside. 50 Cent – Back Down From his first mainstream album, 50 Cent delivered aggressiveness with style across the album. ‘Back Down’ is no different. 50 Cent – Piggy Bank More of a track that produces confidence and ego over anger, it’s still a great way to get into the right mindset. Westside Connection – King Of The Hill Another Ice Cube creation showing plenty of machismo. Being the King of the Hill in the gym is the goal of every wolf, so this is an obvious addition to the playlist. Eminem – Go To Sleep As aggressive as Eminem has ever been on a track. If you don’t like angry music, you won’t be liking this one! DMX – Get At Me Dog A DMX classic that many people still haven’t heard. The Diplomats – Crunk Muzik A great beat really drives the aggression with this track. Ludacris – Move B*tch Does anybody take your squat rack mid-workout? Simply put this song on repeat as loud as possible! Tupac – Troublesome 96 Classic Pac with some amazing lyrics that drive anger and aggression. This is one you might queue up for your hardest set of the day! Young Buck – Stomp Get the original version with T.I. and Ludacris if you want even more anger in the track, since they are going at each other in their respective verses. Crime Mob – Knuck If You Buck Crime Mob made a gym classic with this track. A hype beat and confident lyrics. Pastor Troy – I Want War Great warm-up track to get you in the mindset to wage war on the weight room! DMX – What’s My Name? D-M-X! WHAT’S MY NAME?! This entire playlist could have been made with DMX tracks, but this is an easy standout.


Pantera – F*cking Hostile Easily one of the best tracks that exist for a playlist like this! Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name A classic from a classic group. This gets the blood boiling. Slipknot – People = Sh*t Another undisputed addition to the angry playlist. Listen and kill it! Metallica – Dyers Eve An older track here, but still fresh for those who need a boost before a big set. Machine Head – Aesthetics of Hate A song inspired by anger. Could there be a better fit? Tool – Ænema 20 years old and still worth a listen to fuel the fire inside. Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff Maybe not a traditional rock band, but still an awesome addition to any gym playlist. Slayer – Payback Beat you till you're just a f*cking lifeless carcass ... yes, it’s intense. Nirvana – Negative Creep Another old track that still deserves to be in your rotation! Mudvayne – Dig A unique video accompanies this first successful hit from Mudvayne. Nine Inch Nails – March of the Pigs A short track that can be queued up for a heavy set for a few reps. System of a Down – B.Y.O.B. You have to enjoy the unique voice of Serj Tankian during a workout, it’s just a great fit! Guns ‘N’ Roses – Get in the Ring Music critics don’t like them? Pshhh, who cares! Sepultura – Refuse/Resist A metal track ready to raise the aggression deep down in you. Marilyn Manson – The Fight Song Every set is a fight in the gym if you are training hard, right? There you have it – 30 tracks to provide plenty of anger and motivation for the monster you are willing to become! Add them to your playlist and enjoy.
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