Skyrocket Your Testosterone, Bring Your 'A' Game And Boost Your Sex Life -100% Naturally

TesTotal is a premium, all-natural testosterone booster engineered to unlock your physical potential with cutting-edge ingredients backed by science in every dose and trusted by thousands of Men who've tried everything. Are you next?
  • Shatter your strength goals with never-ending stamina

  • Eliminate sluggishness, brain fog and stubborn bodyfat

  • Sharpen your focus, intensity and drive in (and out) of the gym

  • Reverse loss of energy, decreased muscle size and poor libido

  • Get the sex drive you had in your 20’s back that she can’t resist

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If You've Ever Wondered What Happened To The Energy, Intensity and 'Edge' That's Been Missing -Read This.

What happened to the energy, focus and stamina that kept you going in and out of the gym? Sure, once in a. while you experience an epic workout where you feel unstoppable, and carries into every area of your life, but it's starting to become rare.

But that's not all.
If you've ever found yourself:
  • Feeling sluggish, tired, and unmotivated

  • Dragging yourself to get out of bed and into the gym

  • Noticing the sex drive you once had take a nosedive

  • Frustrated with your lack of results in torching body fat

  • Unable to systematically add lean muscle to your frame

  • Tired of watching others shatter their goals and make progress

Feeling sluggish, tired, and unmotivated Dragging yourself to get out of bed and into the gym. Noticing the sex drive you once had take a nosedive Frustrated with your lack of results in torching body fat. Unable to systematically add lean muscle to your frame Tired of watching others shatter their goals and make progress.

Then you've come to the right place. While you've probably tried to change your diet, 'bio-hack' your life or waste time and money on fancy supplements that make bold promises yet do nothing but dent your bank account:

They're not working, because you're not addressing the root of the problem.

Low testosterone negatively impacts every part of your life: from how you look in the mirror, to your performance at work and, of course: your dating and sex life. Today, it's happening to Men just like you at younger ages.

Low Testosterone Is The Silent Killer Of Drive, Gains And Off-The-Charts Confidence.

You can try every pre-workout, blitz yourself with caffeine or watch videos to pump yourself up, but it won't. work. There's no way around it: low testosterone affects every part of your life and is a sad reality of getting older.
And it starts much sooner (and has way more impact) than you think.
In fact, testosterone levels peak around age 18 and gradually decline year-after-year -affecting more young adults than ever.
So, what are the most common symptoms?
  • Tiredness, irritability, and a lack of motivation
  • Shorter gym sessions with lackluster performance.
  • Inability to add lean muscle and torch body fat. quickly
  • Missing that competitive fire and 'edge' at work and.
  • Lack of libido and performance that leaves her begging for more

And worst of all: slowly losing the confidence you once had when you looked in the mirror, until it’s all gone and you become someone who is 40 but looks like they’re 60.


No, thank you.


However, if you’re reading this page —there’s good news.

What If You Could Get Your Drive, Focus & Intensity Back In One Simple Daily Dose?

We all know 'that' guy, right? He walks into any room and instantly captures attention as other Men want to be him and Women can't stop gushing over.

But there's more. He performs like an Avenger, maniacally crushes workouts and always has energy for life. outside the gym, including smashing career goals and living an incredible life.

The fact is: the difference between you and him isn't what you think.

That's precisely why we created TesTotal: the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to reverse the clock on sinking testosterone levels to get you back into a state of drive, focus and performance.

Best of all?

It's backed by decades of clinical studies and is 100% safe, healthy and all-natural.

The Fastest, Easiest and Most Affordable Way To Reverse The Clock On Your Sinking Testosterone

Welcome to your new unfair advantage with 11 clinically-backed ingredients designed to skyrocket your. testosterone and get back to 'that' place where performance felt effortless, and your energy was unlimited.

The best part? You don't have to spend an arm and a leg on special diets, slave away in the kitchen, take questionable supplements or stick a needle in your thigh.

It's as simple as taking one capsule two times a day. No, really.

Relentless Energy & Stamina

Get back to that place where bringing your "A' game felt easy and there were no limits to your results and. performance with our unique blend of science-backed ingredients you can actually feel in every dos

Torch Bodyfat & Add Lean Muscle

There's nothing worse than holding onto stubborn bodyfat as you try everything... with minimal results. Whether you're adding slabs of lean muscle or looking for that chiseled frame that turns heads at the beach, we've got you.

Train Harder, Longer & Intensely

Remember those bone-crushing workouts where you felt on top of the world? It's time to get those back. TesTotal helps you rain harder, longer and with increased intensity for the results you've only dreamed of.

Tap Into Endless Motivation
Boosting testosterone doesn't only matter in the gym. It translates to every area of your life as you feel motivated to bring goals to life, dominate your career -and have the confidence of achievement
Supercharge Your Sex Life

She craves a Man who knows what he wants and pursues it with passion, intensity, and energy. Not to mention, your libido will be through the roof as you leave her begging for more.

So, What's Inside Every Dose Of TesTotal?

We've spent years sourcing the planet for the most premium, science- backed ingredients that are 100% safe, effective and proven, including:
D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid that plays a pivotal role in making and releasing hormones in the body. Increased levels of D-Aspartic Acid contributes to hormonal increases in the brain that result in higher levels of testosterone production.

Fenugreek Extract

Studies show that the compounds found in Fenugreek Extract inhibit enzymes that convert testosterone into estrogen, resulting in increased testosterone and overall improvement of energy, mood, strength, fat loss and libido.

Vitamin D3

Studies show that low levels of Vitamin D may actually be linked to decreased testosterone. The right amount of this vitamin will support healthy testosterone production while simultaneously increasing energy, performance, sexual function and mood.


A mineral believed to play a positive role in the development of the cells in the testes that are responsible for testosterone production. Since the body does not store libido-boosting zinc naturally, a balanced supplement can support men’s overall health while giving a much needed boost to energy levels and performance.

Korean Red Ginseng

A powerful and potent natural medicinal herb, Korean Ginseng’s compounds are known to increase levels of dopamine and acetylcholine in the brain, increasing desire, arousal and blood flow to the genitalia. Better erections, guaranteed!


Boron is a trace element attributed with enhancing testosterone metabolism, or the speed in which total testosterone is converted into free testosterone. Even just a small amount is enough to significantly boost testosterone, decrease estradiol levels and improve energy, strength and focus.

Nettle Leaf Extract

With the help of compounds called ligans, stinging nettle roots are powerful enough to combat SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) from binding to testosterone. Reduced levels of SHBG mean more free testosterone in circulation and ready for use.


Magnesium is an important mineral for men, playing a crucial role in supporting muscle development and energy production but most men don’t get enough magnesium in their daily diet. The right amount of this mineral will increase both free and total testosterone, especially in men who are active.

Vitamin B6

This water-soluble vitamin plays an integral role in healthy brain development and the maintenance of the nervous and immune systems. For men, a deficiency of Vitamin B6 has been shown to be linked to decreased testosterone and increased estrogen levels. Since it cannot be stored in the body, consuming enough Vitamin B on a daily basis is especially important.

Vitamin K1

Vitamin K supports the processing of Vitamin D in the body, increasing the efficacy of our product while streamlining important processes. It can also support the improvement of mood and cognitive functions.

Bioperine 95% Piperine

This patented extract obtained from black pepper increases bioavailability of supplements like Testotal by up to 30%. Higher bioavailability means better results.

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Unlike Other Brands, We'll Never Put Your Health At Risk

There's a lot of noise when it comes to testosterone supplements, and you must be careful with unethical brands flooding the marketplace. At TesTotal, we're here to promote your long-term health, including:
Zero artificial ingredients.
You won't find any artificial ingredients, flavorings or colorings that are detrimental to your long-term health - including nasty (and potentially dangerous) side effects.

Lab-tested, backed by science.

Most companies don't invest the time and resources to get their products lab tested and only use rigorously tested and researched ingredients.
Transparency on our label.
What you see on your level is exactly what you get. Unlike "proprietary blends" that may contain unknown filler ingredients, you'll have peace of mind.

100 day money-back guarantee

Yes, you read that right. Try us for 100 days and if you're not thrilled for any reason, we'll refund every penny (plus, you'll keep the product!). That's how confident we are.

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Try TesTotal Today 100% Risk-Free With Our 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We're so confident in TesTotal becoming your unfair advantage that we'll prove it to you With our clinically backed ingredients and thousands of Men who'd tried everything...

Simply place your risk-free order today and if you're anything less than delighted with your results - send us an email within 50-100 days of receiving your order and you'll get your money back excluding our $15 fixed claim fee, which covers shipping and admin costs.
Please note this guarantee is only applicable on purchases over one month's supply. It is not. possible to claim on the money back guarantee more than once. Claims are only applicable on your first purchase. Claims will only be assessed once you have used the product for at least 50 days. Click here to read the full terms of our refund policy.
Worst case scenario? You get to try the world's leading testosterone supplement. FREE.
Best case scenario? You experience the life-changing benefits of optimizing your testosterone.
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"I feel like I'm in my early 20's again... and so does my wife!" - Brent, U.S. 

"By the end of the second week, I could already notice a difference." - Jason, U.S. 

"I'm 73 years old and feeling 20 years younger!" - George, CA.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

-Is TesTotal safe?

Absolutely. We've created TesTotal with only proven ingredients that are backed by science for safety and efficacy. We're here to help promote your Iong-term health and vitality. If you want to nerd out on clinically-based research, scroll to the bottom.

+ What exactly is inside?

Take a look at our label —no sketchy ‘proprietary blends’ here.

+ Is TesTotal for muscle-building or weight loss?

Both! The fact is low testosterone is responsible for making it 10X harder to add lean muscle or create a chiseled frame. Using TesTotal, you’ll flip the script and crush your goals…no matter what they are.

+ I tried a Test Booster before, and it didn't work. Why is this different?

We get it: there’s a lot of noise out there. However, our unique blend of premium, science backed ingredients are unheard of. That’s why we’ll prove it to you with our 100-Day money back guarantee.

+ How do I use TesTotal?

Simple! Just take 2 Testonine capsules daily, 20 minutes before your breakfast and watch the magic happen.

+ Does TesTotal contain any banned substances?

TestTotal is a 100% natural testosterone booster with no illegal steroids or banned substances. However, it’s important to note laws are different between countries and some herbs may be banned.


If you are playing sport or other physical competitive activity, you should check the relevant sports authorities’ regulations in your own country about taking supplements.

+ Can I use TesTotal with other supplements?

In most cases, yes. However, here’s a little secret: when you address the root problem of low T, most Men discover they don’t need countless supplements anymore.

+ Where do you deliver?

We ship to US, UK & Canada.

+ Beyond looking shredded, what benefits can I expect?

While looking shredded is amazing, there’s more. You’ll have far more energy. You’ll blast through the day without ever getting tired. You’ll be excited about life again. As a result, you’ll be more productive and maybe make more money.

+ You mentioned the bedroom. will TesTotal improve that too?

While we make no claims to cure any sexual issues, we’ve seen amazing results. Think about it. Once you’re shredded and feeling alive and confident, don’t you think girls (even your spouse) will want you more? Of course! Add in the fact that higher testosterone levels means higher libido and you’re likely to feel 21 again!

+ How long can I use TesTotal for?

As long as you like! Thousands of people have been using TesTotal for years, because it’s the first time they found something that works - it’s why most Men order the 3-bottle bundle to ensure they never run out due to supply chain shortages.

+ which order option is best for me?

For a limited time, we’re offering 33% off when you order a 3-bottle Bundle, which is like getting one FREE. There’s nothing worse than running out of your favorite supplement and the supply issues from the pandemic (plus demand) means we may be sold out. Remember: you’ve got nothing to lose.

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"A better alternative for me than testosterone therapy." - Greg, U.S.

"My energy levels and stamina are at an all-time high." - Robin, U.S. 

'After 1 month, I'm impressed. I have been feeling a Iot more alive." - Chris, AU 

"I can lift heavier, and train longer." - Ben, UK. 

"I lost 20 Ibs of ugly fat and at 55 I feel great!" - Marcus, U.S..

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List Of Cited Clinical Studies

There has been plenty of clinical research relating to testosterone boosters over the years so you can be confident about getting good results. Check out this small sample of clinical studies: