Weight Loss Comparison to Objects

Weight Loss Comparison to Objects

It’s easy to get caught up with weight loss, and the wait to see results can feel neverending. Especially when you’ve been eating clean all week, only to feel deflated when you hit the scales. Or maybe you’ve been powering through classes at the gym, yet you can’t quite see a drop in dress size just yet. This can feel pretty demotivating, especially when you know you’ve been working so hard. However, there are plenty of ways to turn this mindset around. But how? Well, compare weight loss to objects, that’s how.

Comparing weight loss to objects for ultimate motivation

When you’re putting all your efforts into losing weight, it can be super disappointing when you don’t see results. Many dieters don’t realise what they’ve achieved unless it’s instantly noticeable in photos or in a slimmer-fitting outfit. Despite the myths of exercises to burn specific areas of fat, our bodies tend to lose fat pretty equally all over. Which means the results are less noticeable unless viewed overall. Despite the total amount sitting in front of us to see, changes can feel less apparent when weight has been lost from all over the body. Plus, we’re all guilty of the inability to notice changes in ourselves. We see ourselves daily, whether it’s a quick glance in the mirror before work or getting ready for a shower - we’re too familiar with our body size. More commonly, it’s other people that notice our weight loss before we do. This is usually because they see us a little less - making weight changes more noticeable. Generally, weight loss follows this pattern:
  • In 1 to 2 weeks - you’ll begin to feel better
  • In 4 to 6 weeks - others will notice your weight loss
  • In 8 to 12 weeks - you’ll notice weight loss yourself
If you’re struggling to stay motivated, it can be beneficial to think of your weight loss objectively. This is where everyday household items can be a great way to reflect on your weight loss journey. You may not feel like you’ve lost a lot of weight, but when you start to consider your weight loss compared to objects, you’ll suddenly gain some perspective.

Weight loss compared to objects

Before you go putting your weight loss progress down, let’s take a look at a range of household items and compare your weight loss to these objects.

2lb - A big bag of sugar

While you may frown upon a 2lb weight loss as a small loss, 2lb (1kg) of body fat actually takes up around 1000 cubic centimeters - just over 4 cups in volume. So you can stop beating yourself up about a small loss! Losing 2lb is the equivalent of losing a big bag of sugar, and that’s definitely something to feel proud about. This just shows that what may seem like a harmless couple of pounds can actually make a huge difference to your everyday activities -by losing this weight, you’ll start to notice these benefits.

5lb - 2liter bottle of soda

The next time you’re in the store grabbing a drink, just remember that an innocent-looking 2liter bottle of soda weighs the same as your 5lb weight loss. So the next time you step off the scales and you’re looking at your body for visual results, just remember a big bottle of soda is a great comparison for your weight loss.

8lb - Your own head

While your head is pretty important - and unlosable - it’s a great measurement for weight loss. Your head, brain included. weighs around 8lbs and you carry it around with you every damn day! At the end of a long day, our heads can feel tired and heavy. So just think of that the next time you’re 8lb down and looking for something to compare your weight loss to.

13lb - A pretty chubby cat

While we won’t suggest fattening up your feline friend for a weight comparison, an obese cat weight upwards of 13lbs. While 13lbs is an incredible amount of weight to lose, your frame and starting weight can determine how quickly you begin to see this result in the mirror. Just imagine a weight belt consisting of your furry friend! That’s no small feat for sure. If you’re doubting a 13lb+ weight loss, think again, because we’re not sure you’d want to take your furry pal on your next run after losing that weight!

15lb - Vacuum cleaner

When you’re vacuuming your home, you don’t really think about the weight you’re pushing around. With vacuum cleaners weighing around 15lbs (7kg), losing this weight is one hell of an achievement. The next time you’re feeling unsure about this amount of weight loss, trying trekking up a flight of stairs with your vacuum! Suddenly 15lbs begins to show.

33lb - 4 Gallons of water

With one gallon weighing in at approximately 8.35 pounds, you’ll think again about lugging four gallons of water around. Depending on your starting weight and frame, 33lb might not feel like enough just yet to see the results you’re aiming for. But if you jump back on that treadmill with 4 gallons of water strapped to your back - you’ll quickly realise it’s a massive achievement.

55lb - A poodle

Although a poodle may seem pretty delicate and dainty, they actually weigh around 55lbs (25kg) on average. Losing this significant amount of weight will benefit your heart, body and overall health. Think of losing 55lbs as your friendly poodle OR 11 bottles of your favourite 2liter soda. Crazy, huh?

75lb - 100 Cans of beer

This is a tremendous weight loss and one you’ll certainly notice. Losing 75lbs equals to around 100 cans of beer! If you’re ever doubting your weight loss, comparing 75lbs to this beer load can definitely get you feeling triumphant again. And of course, if you’re still feeling unsure, try a squat with 100 beers - then you definitely will!

100lb - 14,512 Tea bags

Now that’s a lot of tea! 100lbs is an incredible weight loss, and you’re definitely going to reap the benefits. Losing this amount will not only significantly decrease your waistline, but it’ll also help lower your BMI and reduce your risk of chronic diseases.

175lb - A washing machine

If you’ve moved house a couple of times, you’ll know how heavy your typical washing machine can be. Yep, that’s right. The average washing machine can weigh around 175lb (79kg), taking up around 4 cubic feet. If you were previously hitting some heavy figures on the scales, losing this amount of weight can bring your BMI down to a healthy range and benefit your body in a whole world of ways. It may take some time, but just think about your washing machine the next time you tally up your weight loss so far! Now that you’ll seriously see the difference with.

Your weight loss so far

It’s easy to get caught up thinking that a 2lb loss shouldn’t be something to be proud of. When you compare weight loss to objects, however, suddenly it’s clear how much you’ve achieved. Alongside being able to shop for a new wardrobe or fit into your favourite outfit, there are also an abundance of health benefits that come with losing weight. Do you notice everyday tasks feel easier? Such as climbing stairs? Getting out of bed? Or carrying the shopping into your home? Maybe your skin has come clearer, your mind less foggy and your moods more relaxed. You may notice that you have more energy and motivation - alongside the many health benefits, such as reducing your risk of chronic diseases. No matter what stage you’re at when it comes to your weight loss, it’s your motivation and celebration of weight loss wins that matters! When you compare your weight loss to everyday objects, suddenly it’s clear how much you’ve lost.

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