Should you take pre-workout before a run?

Should you take pre-workout before a run?

As a runner, you’ve undoubtedly seen fellow fitness fanatics grab a coffee, energy drink or some odd-looking concoction before heading out for a run. Although the latter may not sound too appealing, these are all forms of pre-workout. Their purpose? To enhance performance and stamina during exercise, including running. We all have our barriers when we exercise - that familiar feeling of stopping at the last mile, the last push up or the last lift. If you’re looking for a way to push through and demolish your personal bests, a pre-workout could be just the thing you’re looking for. If you're still feeling unsure, then don’t worry, because we’re about to tell you everything you need to know, covering common questions regarding pre-workout supplements, side effects and everything in-between.


Pre-workout supplements are a combination of proven ingredients developed to fuel athletic performance and increase energy, whether you’re out running, lifting weights or doing cardio in the gym. As we already mentioned, there are a whole array of pre-workout supplements available, often in the form of energy drinks and powdered substances you simply mix with water and drink prior to exercise. These supplements do very similar things - each utilising caffeine or similar natural stimulants to boost muscle strength and reduce fatigue. But what’s the deal with caffeine? Well, studies suggest caffeine has many benefits - making it a go-to supplement for those looking to boost their exercise performance. Of course, other benefits vary across your choice of pre-workout, with some highlighting a focus on power and strength, while other supplements look to improve endurance - making them perfect for endurance sports, such as cycling and running.


Naturally, a burst of caffeine and other effective ingredients in your pre-workout before running should improve your performance. The benefits of a pre-workout supplement can have impressive effects if you find yourself feeling lethargic and tired before your run, you’re running a long-distance race or challenging yourself with a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session. The benefits of taking pre-workout before a run include increased focus, reduced perception of effort, pain perception and even enhanced ability to burn fat during exercise - great if you’re trying to lose weight. Although, with that in mind, it may be best to avoid sugary energy drinks before heading out for a run, or another form of exercise.


Like anything, our bodies can become intolerant to a pre-workout supplement. Therefore, taking your pre-workout before every single run may not be as effective. So, what can you do if this happens? Simply take a short break to allow your pre-workout sensitivity to return to normal. Much like coffee drinkers, taking your pre-workout regularly may decrease your body’s sensitivity - reducing its effect. Whether you’re struggling to pull yourself out of bed on a Saturday morning for that run you’ve been avoiding, or you’re planning a hard HIIT session - these are perfect examples of when pre-workout supplements can give you optimal performance.


For those who are sensitive to caffeine, it may be best to avoid most pre-workout supplements. Fortunately, with BlackWolf, we’ve got you covered with a caffeine-free option. Of course, you can start off slow with slightly smaller doses of our caffeine options and build your way up, if you prefer. Although side effects can occur with some pre-workout drinks, this varies greatly between products, but they may include:
  • Overstimulation
  • Digestion issues
  • Insomnia (definitely avoid caffeine too close to bed)
  • A shaky, jittery feeling
  • Increased heart rate
Fortunately, our scientifically backed formula won’t leave you with the jitters or any sign of a comedown.


Each pre-workout supplement is different - the key factor here is finding the one that works for you. However, while a pre-workout may not be designed specifically for runners, the benefits transfer across weightlifting, interval training and running, too. These benefits include long-lasting energy, razor-sharp focus and optimal performance. As a runner, you’ll be familiar with that dreaded push to finish the last mile - with a pre-workout before your run, that’ll be a thing of the past. Pre-workouts are safe to take, no matter what form of exercise you choose. So whether you’re taking a day off from your usual run and opting for circuits instead, you’re good to go.


While there may not be a magic number, we can tell you this may depend on your sensitivity to the ingredients of your pre-workout, predominantly caffeine. Most runners will start to feel the effects of their pre-workout pretty quickly, with the benefits lasting anywhere between three and six hours. While we’ve mentioned plenty of benefits, for the perfect combination of heightened focus and enhanced energy, we recommend playing around with it to see what works best.


Whether you’re a sucker for a hot cup of coffee or you’re swaying towards pre-workout supplements, it’s safe to safe most runners will reap the benefits. The advantages are clear, but we’ll give you a short lowdown before you consider which pre-workout suits your needs. When you choose to become part of the pack, BlackWolf can offer you scientifically backed ingredients, maximum performance, increased mental clarity and the ability to play at a higher level. All with zero side effects - including no nasty jitters and no dreaded crash.
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