Sex vs workouts: Which burns more calories?

Sex vs workouts: Which burns more calories?

If you're struggling to get yourself to the gym, it's no surprise that your mind is on the idea of ​​burning calories sexually.

In fact, many of you are looking every month to see if it's worth jumping into bed or if exercise really is the key to burning calories. The problem is that the "typical" cheeky bedroom session can be completely different for one couple than another. It's dependent on a number of factors - from position to duration, gender and even your level of health. Let's put it this way, there are many things to consider. Now, if you are starting to introduce calorie counting into your sexual sessions, chances are you will kill the mood. But at the same time, sex is a great way to exercise...

Sex: is it a good workout?

If it burns calories, it should be considered an "exercise", right? However, it is worth keeping in mind that the "average" duration of sex can vary considerably between couples, making it difficult to measure actual calorie burning.
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In fact, if your sessions end up lasting more than an hour, you can't burn many more calories having sex, as you would with other types of exercise - such as swimming or running. Put simply, your calorie burn depends on movement and heart rate.

Although it's great that sex has health benefits and can help people stay motivated and energised, as well as the ability to burn calories, it is important that you do not rely on sex as a form of exercise and look to other methods.

Compared to the opposite sex, how many calories do women burn during sex?

While some research shows that men burn more calories during sex than women, there are other reasons that need to be considered - it is not entirely possible to actually decide who burns more. In addition, where are same-sex couples in this comparison? It's as simple as the person doing the most movement during sex that is probably going to be the one to burn more calories.
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Plus, your choice of position plays a role too. If you are a pillow princess (sorry, ladies!), it is likely you are not burning many calories. If you're a leading reverse cowgirl, go for it, burn more, ladies!

Sex or a 30 minute run?

So, how long would you need to be running, or erm, doing it for? I'm sorry if you're disappointed, but it still matters. The number of calories you burn during sex depends on various factors, as we discussed above. And the same goes for the run too. In fact, it doesn't matter what type of exercise you do, because there are usually many factors to consider (such as weight, endurance, heart rate, etc). For a session in the sheets vs a 30 run, it's dependent on: ⦁ What incline you're working with ⦁ The pace you're running at An average run of 30 minutes can burn 200 to 500 calories. What is the sexual equivalent? Well ... a little birdie told us that the butter churner position can burn 211 calories every 30 minutes. That being said, we're not about to show you...

How long would sex need to last to burn the same calories as a 30-minute walk?

While walking doesn't get your heart going as much as running does, you can still get a burn of between 100 and 200 calories from a 30-minute walk. If you want to exchange walking for sex (who doesn't?), about 30 minutes of doggy style can burn about 180 calories. Emphasis on the word can, it's not guaranteed.

30 mins of weightlifting vs sex?

If you want to not do weights and go straight to bed (not for sleeping though...), standing sex can be a great alternative to 30-minute weightlifting. You can burn 99 calories every 15 minutes of standing sex. I know which I'd rather do...

Sex or 30 minutes of yoga?

find motivation to exercise I think the clue is in the name here ladies, the eagle (need we say more).
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That's right, 20 minutes of sex in the eagle position could have you burning upwards of 120 calories, approximately the same as 30 minutes of yoga.

How to burn more calories during sex?

I can't believe you're still reading and not already stripping ready to jump into bed! However, if you're wanting to burn more calories during your sexy sessions, it's going to be hard work. We're not saying it's not possible though, here's how you can increase your calorie burn during sex:
  • Take a look into the positions that require the most movements (therefore the most calorie burn)
  • Prioritize time - it's not all about the sex either, foreplay is an important space of time spent being intimate with your partner

So what's better - workouts or sex?

The truth is that sex is fun, exciting and more enjoyable than being at the gym. Plus you also save money. With the added benefit of happy chemicals being release, sex can also improve overall heart health and quality of sleep. Of course, a quick sex session is not enough to stand up to a full-on gym workout. In saying that, both can work together perfectly to maximize your weekly calorie burn.

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