How to wave bingo wings goodbye

How to wave bingo wings goodbye

I know, ladies… there is nothing worse than being self conscious about a particular body part. Not only that, they’ve got a name for this one! I know you know exactly what I’m referring to, I mean those dreaded bingo wings. If you’ve ever felt like a quick goodbye wave has turned into never-ending wobbling at the bottom of your upper arm… Trust me when I say, you’re not alone here! However, I’m also not saying you have to tolerate them forever. And now you’re wanting to know what you can do about it, am I right ladies? Don’t worry, I shall be revealing all shortly!

Bingo wings: why do we get them?

Our bodies naturally lose muscle mass as we age, meaning our connective tissue also weakens. From our mid 20s, the body’s collagen starts to break down, resulting in our skin not being as firm as it once was. I know it’s not sounding brilliant so far, but sadly it doesn’t end there either. Muscle cells that give the skin that extra elasticity also start to shrink. We just can’t get a break can we, ladies? The combination of this means it’s not a rarity to notice a little droopiness here and there. Not only that, but from a genetics standpoint, if you suffer from weak connective tissue, those awful ‘bingo wings’ could turn up to the party a little sooner than we’d normally expect them to. If you feel slightly bemused, or maybe you know ‘bingo wings’ as some other name. It refers to skin that somewhat sags down at the bottom of your upper arm, just below your biceps. If you’re unsure if you have bingo wings, do a big wave and see if that part of your arm keeps on just joyfully swaying about.

What is the cause of the dreaded bingo wings?

The sagginess under your arms usually starts to appear when we’ve got an imbalance of skin to muscle mass. In some instances, this is the result of not enough muscle. It may also be the result of having lost weight at quite a rapid rate, meaning the skin hasn’t had enough time to adapt. Unfortunately, when there is an imbalance of muscle mass or fat loss happens quite quickly without toning, gravity works its unwanted magic to form those bingo wings. So, what is it you can do about them?

How to wave off those bingo wings?

If you’re concerned that your arms are feeling a little saggy, do not worry, as you’re certainly not alone! The great news is, there is something you can do about it… strength training! Do you remember earlier when we talked about what causes bingo wings? Well, whether it was some speedy weight loss and a lack of toning or a lack of muscle mass, we’ve got you covered. Strength training can actually work to remedy that dreaded droop, and it’s something you get started with right away, with or without going to the gym.

In order to fight the flab, effective and targeted arm exercises are needed to tighten and support your arm muscles, this will naturally lift this specific area to battle those bingo wings. What can I say ladies, quite clever isn’t it? Whilst of course, I’d always recommend that you train your upper body in general, targeting those arms is especially important here! Sadly though, this is going to disappear overnight. So this is most definitely going to be a long-term commitment kinda thing! Alongside these regular workouts, it’s important that you pay attention to your diet, hydration levels and ensure you’re eating a variety of foods. I’m sorry, but you’re going to need to put those cookies back in the cabinet. I know it can be difficult to curb those cravings, but don’t worry, Trimtone is always here to help with that.

So, which muscles should you be working on?

In order to fight off our stubborn bingo wings, or even stop them in their tracks before they become a problem, you should be focussing on the following muscles:
  • Biceps / Musculus biceps brachii: The counterpart to the triceps, the bicep sits just above the bingo wing and can be seen/activated when you pull your arm towards your chest - especially prominent during pull-ups or push-ups and other bicep exercises
  • Triceps / Musculus triceps brachii: The triceps run along the back of the upper arm, working to pull the flexed forearm backwards

Battle against bingo wings with these 7 exercises

Right ladies, are you ready to banish those bingo wings for good? Hell yes, you are! These seven exercises are essential for toning your arm muscles, without building massive arms. Unless it is a dream of yours to be buff, then have at it! These can be in the gym or also easily done at home too. The important thing to note here is getting your execution right in order to control each movement and work the right muscles correctly. Start by doing these with lighter weights and doing more reps, before you decide to increase the weight.

Bicep curls

For the bicep curls, grab a dumbbell in each hand and stand upright with your feet hip-width apart, keeping your torso upright and core engaged. Start with your arms by your sides, grip the dumbbell with your palms facing upwards, then lock your upper arms and bend at your elbow to move the weight towards your chest. Don’t swing them about and don’t forget to tense your tricep at the lowest point before starting the next rep.

Tricep extensions

To do this exercise you’re going to need to grip a single dumbbell with both hands. Then start by lifting the dumbbell up behind your head, gripping it with both hands. Keep your upper arms by your ears and your elbows pointing forwards, try not to let them close in beside your ears.

Now, keep your torso upright and engage your core. Then keep your shoulder blades in place, tense those triceps and bring the dumbbell upwards towards your neck without moving your upper arms. Return to the start and repeat.


For flies, stand upright with your knees slightly bent and engage your core. Grip a dumbbell in each hand and let your arms hang at your sides, with your palms facing you. To do the move, lock your shoulder blades, relax your neck and raise your arms beside you and keep your elbows straight. Move them at a controlled pace until your hands are at about shoulder height. Then return to the start and repeat.


For dips, you’ll need to support yourself with your hands behind you, either on the edge of some stable furniture at home or on a weight bench. Keep your arms behind you, with your fingers facing forwards, and your elbows rotated slightly inwards. Then either stretch your legs out or keep them slightly bent. Tip - You can increase the intensity of the exercise the further away your feet are. Then to do the exercise, whilst keeping your back straight, slowly lower your body downwards, but don't sit down. Then press your way back up without allowing your elbows to fully extend.

Shoulder press

For the shoulder press, grab yourself a dumbbell in each hand and place your hands by your shoulders, palms facing forwards. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and engage those abs. Then, push the weights up over your head in a straight controlled motion, then slowly lower down and then repeat.

Military plank

Get into an average forearm plank, with your elbows below your shoulders. Don’t forget to tighten your glutes and abs. Then from this position, raise your body up by moving up from your forearms into a high plank, then return to your forearms and repeat.

Close-grip push ups

To do this exercise , get down on the ground in a high push up position, keep your hands below your shoulders and fingers pointing forwards. And ladies, I’m going to say it again… engage that core! Then bend your arms slowly and lower your body until you're almost touching the floor, keeping your elbows close to your body.

Then return to the start and repeat.

Our conclusion: fighting back against bingo wings

If you’re really sick and tired of your bingo wings, these tips will have you well on your way to binning them off in no time! Try to remember though ladies, you won’t see changes overnight and it’s important to pair regular workouts with a balanced and varied diet.

Ready to get your confidence back?

With the tips above, you’ll be waving those bingo wings goodbye in no time! But of course, if you need a little extra support on your journey, there’s always Trimtone. Our 100% natural formula works to fire up fat burn, suppress your cravings and boost your metabolism.​​ You’ve got this, ladies!
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