How to get a peachy butt and tone your glutes

How to get a peachy butt and tone your glutes

We all have goals we want to achieve when it comes to exercising. Some of us could be challenging ourselves to lift a certain weight, run a marathon or smash a personal best. Whilst others will be seeking those visible changes in their bodies they've been dreaming about. The one theme we find that seems to pop up again and again is: how to get that peachy booty. You heard right, ladies! It's a goal we all have in common and we're all looking for the perfect peachy bum workout. Don't worry though, we've got you covered. Here are some of the best butt exercises to get you that round butt in no time!

Building that peachy butt: the benefits

Whilst your ultimate goal may be to get that peachy booty and post it all over your feed, it is actually benefiting your body too! So yes, you'll get those strong glutes and round booty, but you'll also find you're more stable and stronger overall. You'll most likely also discover that your posture will improve too! However, if you're wanting to shed the pounds first, we're sorry to say that focusing your workouts on these areas to lose fat isn't that simple. In saying that, you can focus on it to build muscle in certain areas - like your behind. What are the best butt exercises I hear you ask? Well, let's have a look shall we?

Our peachy bum workout: how to get a nice butt

As women, we work out differently to men. This is because we want different things, including our goal of getting the perfect bum.

Doing the right cardio

By this we mean walking uphill, taking a step class or going on step machines at the gym. All of these have you really feeling the burn in your glutes and get you working on getting that round butt you desire. Just to put things into perspective for you, and to help you tone up, reach your goal weight and hit that booty goal:
  • Step classes can burn approximately 635 in 60 minutes (on a step that is at least 10" high)
  • You can burn up to 475 calories in 45 minutes whilst kickboxing
  • Going running where you achieve an average of 8 minutes a mile will burn 360 in 30 minutes
  • 30 minutes of rowing can burn 270 calories
  • Walking at 4mph on a 10% incline for 20 minutes can burn up to 200 calories
  • Quickly burn 380 calories in 40 minutes on a step machine

External rotation (with resistance bands)

  • Start by sitting on the floor and use your elbows to support your weight.
  • Slide a resistance band up around your legs, roughly around your knees.
  • Keep your feet together and open your knees, pushing yourself against the resistance bands
Once you've gone as far as you can, pause, and then slowly revert back to the starting position. Advance: Once you're a master in this peachy butt workout, try it whilst moving. You can also amend this workout to do it whilst standing and placing the band around your ankles.


Now, these are a great butt exercise as it works your leg muscles as well as your glutes.
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  • Start by standing upright and take a big step forward with your right leg.
  • Allow your other leg to drop and bend at the knee so that your left knee is close to the ground.
  • Make sure your right knee doesn't push forwards over your toes.
  • Pause for a moment whilst keeping your torso straight.
  • Then push through your right foot to put you back at the start.
Advance: If you wanted to take this butt exercise to another level, try holding a dumbbell in each hand and keep your arms by your side. To challenge yourself and really work towards that peachy butt goal. Oh, and, try your skills at walking lunges too.

Prone leg raises

This exercise will get you that round butt in no time at all. Technique:
  • Start by laying face down on the floor, resting your head on your hands.
  • Keep your core engaged and squeeze your butt.
  • Lift one leg up behind you whilst keeping your knee straight as your thighs lifts from the floor.
Advance: If you really want to get the most out of this that you possibly can, increase the range of motion by alternating arm and leg movements. As you raise your right leg, do the same with your left arm. If you find that isn't enough for you, you could use dumbbells to work them even more or add ankle weights.

Knee drive

Now this workout could be in the running for the best butt exercise! It really uses your glutes to help you gain that peachy butt as well as working your leg muscles too. Technique:
  • Start off by getting into a deep lunge position so both your knees are at right angles, keeping your right leg behind and the left in front. Be careful that you don't push forward making your knee go over your toes.
  • Push through your left foot and bring your right knee up towards your chest. If you want to, you can swing your arms as if you're power walking.
  • Bring yourself up onto the back of your foot and then pause for a moment before returning to the start position.
Oh, and make sure you tense those glutes throughout this exercise! Advance: There are many variations of this butt exercise!
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You can add in a jump at the top of the movement or hold dumbbells during. If you wanted, try to raise your arms above your head as you swing them, giving your arms a workout too.

Side leg raise

Now, this awesome peachy butt workout can be done anywhere that takes your fancy! This leaves no excuses (sorry, ladies!) as you could do this working out at the gym or at home watching your favourite TV show. Technique:
  • Start off by laying on your left side with one hip above the other.
  • Reach out with your left arm to hold your weight and lean on your forearm.
  • Hold up your torso and keep that core engaged.
  • This should leave just your hip, leg and forearm on the ground.
  • Whilst keeping your body straight, lift your leg up ensuring your toes face forward.
Take it slow and steady, pause when you reach the top and slowly return to the start. Try and split the movement into parts so you're always in control, this will help avoid your leg from simply dropping back down. Advance: You're going to want to add this butt exercise to your workout regime if you're pushing yourself to get that round bum! To progress in this exercise, try using a resistance band or ankle weights.

Glute kickbacks

Yet again we have another exercise that's easy to do in the gym or at home. If your goal is to strengthen your legs and get that round booty, glute kickbacks are one of the best butt exercises to achieve this. Technique:
  • Start on all fours making sure your hands and knees are in line with your shoulders and hips.
  • Keep your legs at right angles and as you lift one leg, ensure your hamstring is in line with your back.
  • Don’t point your toes or overstretch with your leg, keeping your foot flat will get you back into the start position.
As you're bringing your leg up, don’t forget to engage your glutes, pause for a moment and then return to the start. Advance: To truly maximize these peachy bum workouts, you’re going to need to add a small amount of weight. Perhaps try adding weights to your ankles or a dumbbell at the crook of the knee. There are some awesome ways to change up this butt exercise too! You can adapt this workout into something called the fire hydrant. Instead of lifting your leg up behind you, raise it out to the side. It works all the different types of glute muscles to help you on your way to that round booty.


We're sorry ladies, but if you’re really wanting that peachy booty, there is no escaping squats!
They are by far one of the most popular and best butt exercises around. Wondering how to get a round butt? Well, the answer is… get squatting! An added bonus is that squats not only work your glutes, but will also tone your legs too. Technique: Start with your feet hip-width apart and your knees bent slightly. Keep that core engaged and put your arms into one of these positions:
  • Holding a bar across your shoulders
  • Out in front of you (helps with balance)
  • Holding dumbbells at your sides
  • Crossed over your chest
To get going, put your weight onto your heels as you lower yourself down by bending your legs and letting your butt take the lead. Try to think of it as sitting down on a chair and make sure your knees stay directly over your toes. Focus on getting your legs to a 90-degree angle or less and pause. After you’ve held that for a couple of seconds, push through your legs and glutes to get you back into the starting position. Advance: If you want to get even more out of your squats, there is a small variation you can do. Adding weight will take those squats to the next level. So, try holding a dumbbell in each hand and keep them by your sides or use a weighted bar across your shoulders. You could also add a little bounce whilst you’re holding the squat to really feel the burn.
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This makes the perfect butt exercise for gaining that peachy booty!

Getting that peachy booty: Top tips

1.Be an all-rounder

We know that you’re wanting to get that peachy booty, so you think you should be putting all of your efforts into only doing butt exercises. However, taking a more well-rounded approach will help in building your overall strength and keeps you from becoming bored.

2. Become friends with weights

If you’re wanting to burn calories and shed the pounds, then of course cardio is great, but it isn’t going to get you that perfect booty! In saying that though, if cardio is what you want to do, refer to the examples we gave above. These will aid in getting that round butt by helping to tone you up and build your strength. That aside, meet your new friend - weights! You could challenge yourself and try deadlifts or simply add ankle weights and dumbbells into the exercise examples we’ve given you. There is no denying that weights will get you that round butt you’re dreaming of.

3. Don’t neglect your hamstrings

We know it may sound silly but keeping an eye on your hamstrings will also help to achieve that peachy booty. There are three dominant muscles in our hamstrings that are closely attached to our glutes. So working these at the same time will help in getting that rounded shape to your butt.

4. Change up your workouts

Doing some compound weight-lifting exercises such as squats, lunges and deadlifts will really boost your journey to that peachy booty. If you’re at the gym, use machines that really push your glutes or add in resistance bands. This is great if you’re working out at home too as it’s easier to schedule your peachy bum workout into your day. Not only does this help us work different groups of muscles, it prevents us from getting tired and losing motivation for the same workouts.

5. Don’t have too much rest

We know we all have those days at the gym where we spend forever scrolling through playlists or just staring into space! When you’re following these peachy bum workouts, try to keep rest time to no more than a minute. When you rest for too long between sets, you’re not working your muscles hard enough. This can make it difficult to achieve that peachy butt!

6. Feel that burn

So it’s no surprise that we all hate that post-workout soreness! Treasure it though as it is a sign that you’re working hard. If you wake up the next day feeling brand new, you’re not going hard enough. Get yourself back in the gym and take it up a notch!

7. Push yourself

It should be obvious by now that if you’re really wanting to get yourself a peachy booty, you’re going to have to push and work hard. During your workouts, if these butt exercises are becoming easy, try variations and add weight. Also, look to increase the weights your lifting slightly, every 2 to 4 weeks.


Performing this peachy butt workout will help you in achieving that perfect, rounded butt. Don't forget, keep mixing up your workouts with weight and variations - not only to keep yourself engaged, but also to work your muscles harder! Need a hand along the way to shed some weight? PhenGold works to increase your metabolism and suppress your hunger, so you can burn fat FAST.
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