How to get a peachy booty and tone those glutes!

How to get a peachy booty and tone those glutes!

When it comes to regular exercise, we all have goals in mind. For some, it may be beating a personal best, running a marathon or lifting a specific weight. While for others, it may be those visible changes they strive for. One question that crops up time and time again for us ladies is: How to get a round booty. Yep! A peachy booty is a common goal for many women, and so the frantic search for butt exercises begins. But don’t worry, we’ve got some of the best butt exercises around to get you that peachy booty in no time!

What are the benefits of building a strong, peachy booty?

As well as giving you the perfect, peachy booty, strong glutes also give you overall strength and stability - as well as power and proper posture. While you may be looking for how to get a round booty, aesthetics aside, your body will benefit too! If you’re trying to lose weight first, however, we’re sad to say that ‘spot’ training areas to cut fat isn’t quite so easy. But you can spot train to build muscle in specific areas - aka, how we’re going to get you that peachy booty! But what are the best butt exercises? Let’s take a look.

How to get a nice butt with our peachy bum workout

As women, we exercise differently from men. We want different things, and that includes our goal of the perfect butt. Here’s the best butt workout for every woman seeking that peachy behind!


If you’re looking for a nice peachy booty and toned legs, there’s no escaping squats.
This popular move has long been considered of the best butt exercises. So if you’re wondering how to get a round booty (and tone your legs, too), get squatting. Here’s how: Method: Start this butt exercise with your feet hip-distance apart and your knees slightly bent. Keep your core engaged and put your arms in one of the following positions:
  • Crossed over your chest
  • Out in front of you (helpful for balance!)
  • Holding dumbbells by your sides
  • Holding a weight bar across your shoulders
To start this butt exercise, shift your weight back onto your heels as you lower your body downwards by bending your legs and letting your butt lead. Imagine you’re sitting on an invisible chair and keep your knees directly over your toes. Aim to lower your legs to a 90-degree angle or less and pause, before pushing your weight through your legs and glutes to the starting position. Progress: To get even more out of your squats, you need a little variation. Not only does this help to advance your squat, but you’re less likely to get bored, too. Whether it’s bouncing whilst holding a squat, using a weighted bar or a dumbbell in each hand, adding weight will take your squats to the next level! Plus, a little variation makes this butt exercise perfect for building that peachy booty!

Glute kickbacks

Easy to do both in and out of the gym, glute kickbacks are one of the best butt exercises for achieving a round booty and strengthening those hamstrings, too.

Method: Start on all fours with your hands and knees aligned with your hips and shoulders. Your legs should be at right angles as you lift one leg up, keeping your hamstring level with your back. Keep your foot flat so that it slots back into the starting position, without pointing your toes out or stretching your leg, either. Don’t forget to squeeze those glutes as you bring your leg up, pause, and return to the start. Progress: To ensure you’re maximizing these peachy bum workouts, for glute kickbacks you’re also going to need a little weight. Add a dumbbell to the crook of your knee, or try adding weights to your ankles. Of course, there are also some great variations of this butt exercise! So instead of lifting upwards, try to lift your leg to the side instead (called the fire hydrant exercise). This will work different types of glute muscles and get you well on your way to a well-rounded booty.

Side leg raise

Another great peachy bum workout that can be done pretty much anywhere! So whether you’re going hard at the gym, or working out while you watch TV, side leg raises are one of the best butt exercises around. Method: Start by laying on your right side with your hips stacked on top of one another. Outstretch your right arm to hold your weight, leaning on your forearm. You should be holding up your torso, with just your hip, leg and forearm touching the ground. Keep your body straight and lift your leg up, keeping your toes facing forwards. Make sure you’re controlling the moving slow and steady, pausing at the top and returning to the start. To avoid letting your leg drop back down on its own, try split the movement into parts so you’re in full control. Progress: If you’re wondering how to get a round booty, you’re going to want this butt exercise in your workout! To advance this move, try adding ankle weights or using a resistance band.

Knee drive

After squats, the knee drive is a tough contender for the best butt exercise. While working plenty of leg muscles, it also hits your glutes, helping you to achieve that peachy booty. Method: Start in a deep lunge position with both of your legs at right angles. Keep your right leg behind and your left in front, your knees behind your toes. As you push your strength through your left foot, bring your back knee upwards, toward your chest. You can swing your arms as if you’re power walking! Bring yourself up on the ball of your foot, pause and return to the start. Keep those glutes squeezed throughout! Progress: This butt exercise has multiple variations that can be done! Whether it’s jumping at the top of the movement or holding dumbbells, there’s plenty of opportunities to take this peachy bum workout that step further! You can also give your arms a workout, too, by lifting them above your head as you swing them.

Prone leg raises

Trying to work out how to get a nice butt? You’ve come to the right place. This butt exercise will help you achieve that peachy booty in no time. Method: Start by laying down on the floor, with your forehead resting on your hands. Keep your core engaged and squeeze your butt. Lift one leg up backwards, keeping your knee straight as your thigh lifts from the ground. Progress: To really get the most out of this peachy bum workout exercise, increase the range of motion by alternating leg and arm movements. As you lift your left leg, do the same for your right arm. You can also consider adding ankle weights or using dumbbells to work your muscles even more.


Lunges are a great butt exercise, working your leg muscles at the same time. Method: Start the move by standing upright and taking a big step forward with your right leg. Bend at the knee and allow your back leg to drop, so that your back knee is almost touching the ground. Ensure your right knee doesn’t push forward over your toes. Keep your torso straight, pause for a moment and push through your right foot back to the start. Progress: To take this butt exercise one step further, try holding a dumbbell in each hand, keeping your arms by your sides. To really work towards that peachy booty, try walking lunges, too.

External rotation with resistance bands

Method: To start, sit on the floor with your weight supported on your elbows. Using a resistance band, slide it up around your legs, just about your knees. Then, keep your feet together and open your knees, pushing against the resistance band. Pause when you’ve gone as far as you can go, then slowly come back to the start. Progress: Once you’ve mastered this butt exercise, you can try it while travelling. You can also do a similar exercise while standing, or using a resistance tube around your ankles.

The right cardio

We’re talking step machines, a step class or walking uphill! All of which will allow you to really feel the burn in your glutes and get you closer to perfecting your peachy booty.

To put things into perspective, and help support your toning, weight loss and booty goals:

  • Step machine - You can quickly burn 380 calories in 40 minutes
  • 20 minutes walking uphill can burn 200 calories (10% incline at 4mph pace)
  • Rowing can burn 270 calories in 30 minutes
  • Running at an 8-minute-mile pace can burn 360 calories in 30 minutes
  • Kickboxing has the ability to burn 475 calories in 45 minutes
  • A step class can burn 635 calories in 60 minutes (using a step at least 10” high)

Top tips for getting that peachy booty

In order to get your perfect butt, follow these top tips!

1. Add variety to your workouts

Not only does variety help us from getting fed up with the same old workout, but it also helps us in working a variety of muscles. You can kickstart that peachy booty with compound weight-lifting exercises (such as lunges, stiff leg deadlifts, deadlifts or squats) or incorporate resistance bands and machines to really push your glutes! Either way, many can be done at home or at the gym, making your peachy bum workout easy to do according to your busy schedule.

2. Say hello to weights

While cardio is great for burning calories and losing weight, it isn’t really going to help you achieve that perfect beachy booty. If you do want to do some cardio, try the example we gave above, which will help you tone up, build strength and achieve that awesome butt. Otherwise, make weights your new friend! Whether it’s ankle weights during the butt exercises we mentioned above, or trying your strength at deadlifts - weights will help you get the butt of your dreams.

3. Stay well rounded

While we think it makes sense to only do glute isolation exercises, a well-rounded approach will allow you to build strength across the board. This means that leg exercises that also target the glutes are key to a balanced workout.

4. Pay attention to your hamstrings

Much like tip number three, paying attention to your hamstrings too will enable you to achieve that peachy booty. Since our hamstrings have three dominant muscles that attach near the glutes, working these at the same time will help give your butt that peachy shape!

5. Don’t rest too much

We’re all a little guilty of spending too much time at the gym staring into space - or searching for the perfect music. Try to keep your rest times to no longer than 1 minute when following our peachy bum workout! If you rest for too long, you won’t be working your muscles hard enough to achieve that peachy butt.

6. Challenge yourself!

Look to increase the weights your lifting every 2 to 4 weeks in small increments. In order to get a round booty, you need to work hard and push yourself. If your butt exercises feel too easy, up them with weights and variations.

7. Feel the burn

While feeling sore post-workout can be a total pain in the ass sometimes (quite literally), it shows that you’re working hard. If you wake up feeling like a spring chicken, you’re not pushing yourself enough just yet. Get back into the gym and up the intensity of your workouts.


With our peachy bum workout, you’ll be well on your way to achieving that peachy booty you’ve always dreamed of! Don’t forget to mix up your workouts with variations and weights to really push your muscles that bit further. Looking to crush your weight loss goals first? Trimtone works to reduce your appetite will kickstarting your body to burn more fat. So you can smash those goals, ladies!
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