Do you have hip dips?

Do you have hip dips?

So, ladies, let’s talk about hip dips. For those that have no idea what I mean by hip dips, it’s a term given to the curve below your hips and above your thighs. They’re the body part that the internet seem to be making people feel bad about most recently apparently. Charming isn’t it? According to our good old friend Google, around 40,000 people search the term hip dips every month. What is the hype for? It’s no surprise that it’s mostly social media based and being seen as one of those many non-problem problems like not having a thigh gap or lower back dimples. We’ll just add it to the list of things that women are shamed for in such a toxic environment of body shaming. If you’ve found yourself searching to find out, what they are or how you get rid of them, then you are certainly not alone. Not only that, but you’re also now in the right place as we’re going to tell you all about them. Right, before you go changing your whole workout routine, let’s look a little more into what these hip dips are, why we get them and everything in between.

What are hip dips?

It’s pretty simple really, they’re just natural curves that go inwards.

Why do we get them?

They’re caused by the shape of our pelvis. So, even though not everyone has noticeable hip dips, if we were all just a skeleton, you’d see an indentation where the hip bone meets the top of the thigh. It’s a completely normal part of our body structure.

Hip dips: good or bad?

It’s a common thought that hip dips (or a lack of) determine how healthy you are. Well, it doesn’t! As we now know, they’re caused because of the shape of our bones and therefore cannot be changed. However, because of the many different pelvis shapes, your hips may look very different from someone else’s; but that doesn’t make them wrong or something needing to be fixed.

Is it normal to have hip dips?

Hip dips are not a sign of how healthy or unhealthy a person is. In saying this, however, they may be more noticeable if you have a higher level of body fat or muscle mass. Whilst we all have the ability to change our body shape through diet and exercise, we are not able to change our bone structure, this is a really important point to remember. If you find yourself scrolling through the internet and see videos and articles with the promise of ‘losing your hip dips in a week’ and so on… then keep scrolling, ladies, all they want you to do is click.

Are hip dips and love handles the same?

Now, love handles as we call them, for some odd reason, refer to the fat on the sides of your abdomen. This isn’t part of your bone structure and can be linked to our genetics, which can dictate where in the body we store fat.

Can you get rid of them?

Whilst we say again that there is absolutely nothing wrong with your hip dips, if you have them, we have to tell you that whatever you try, they will not go away completely. You can work out, do strength training sessions and build muscle mass as well as lose body fat to perhaps reduce their appearance. But they’re bone, they’re here to stay.

Are they something you should be worried about?

In short, no. It can be very damaging to our mental and physical health to obsess over a body part, especially one that we’re unable to change.

Ready to smash your goals?

Well, there it is, ladies, all you need to know about hip dips. Which really is, that you don’t need to worry about them and we can’t make them go away. However, as we said above strength training, the likes of squats and lunges will help build the muscle mass in your lower body. Doing this may reduce the appearance of your hip dips if you have them. If you don’t have them, there is also nothing wrong with you. If you do have a body goal you want to reach but you feel like you need a little boost, then why not try Trimtone? Our 100% natural formula is designed to boost your metabolism, reduce cravings and burn fat. Order yours today and feel the best you’ve ever felt.
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