5 fitness tips for women

5 fitness tips for women

Ladies, it’s pretty obvious that exercise is good for our physical and mental health. You can do all the right things, such as eating healthily and exercising regularly, but often it can be tricky to visibly see results. With so much going on in our lives, finding time to look after ourselves can often feel like an uphill struggle. The many lockdowns during the pandemic put a dampener on our exercise classes and joint workouts, causing havoc with our exercise routines! While Rome wasn’t built in a day, we all naturally want to see body changes. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than seeing your hard work pay off. Fitness for women isn’t the same as male workouts - and following the wrong routine exercises can end in added muscle you never even wanted. Thankfully, we’ve got 5 fitness tips to help you maximise your workouts and reach those body goals.

1. Stay hydrated

Drinking water can benefit your mind, body and your skin! Staying hydrated can help your energy levels, improve your stamina and heighten your focus. When it comes to women’s fitness tips, if weight loss is your body goal, drinking ice water can burn extra calories. This extra burning ability is due to the body’s need to warm up to counteract this temperature change.
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Instead of reaching for soda or cups of coffee, switch out these drinks for plenty of water. Sodas and most energy drinks that claim to fuel your workouts are packed with hidden sugars, that won’t do your weightloss any good. When workouts get intense, we sweat. This sweaty work needs to be replaced, so get glugging that water, ladies!

2. Fitness for women: Switch up your workouts

Fitness tip for women, number two! Like anything, doing the same repetitive workout can make us fall out of love with our goals. To stay engaged with your workouts, try adding a mixture of cardio and weight training. And no, you’re not going to get hench! A little weight will help you burn calories and tone up, two birds, one stone! While intense cardio is one of the best ways to burn fat, weight training can continue to burn long after you’ve finished exercising - helping you burn even more calories. With so many bodyweight exercises around, one way to look and feel great is through a body recomp - helping you get toned, build (a little!) muscle and lose fat.
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If you’re feeling bored with your current workout, why not try group classes or outdoor workouts, adding a little variety into the mix. Fitness for women doesn’t have to feel same old, same old, all it takes is a little imagination! So grab your favorite stretchy pants, invest in some resistance bands and switch up your workouts to keep on track with your goals. You’ve got this!

3. Fitness tips: Keep tabs on your diet

While working out at home or in the gym is great, your exercise regime needs to be paired with a healthy diet. We’ve all heard the popular phrase, ‘you are what you eat…’ and it’s true, treat your body well and it’ll make you feel amazing! With so many women’s fitness tips on the Internet, even the most intense workouts won’t help your overall wellbeing as much as a healthy diet. Grab yourself a notepad and track what you eat, or download a popular food tracker to keep on top of your calorie intake. Heavy, processed foods may make you feel full at the time, however, our bodies require far more nutrients to fuel our workouts and beyond! Instead, opt for a healthy, varied diet with plenty of protein. Check out our post on what to eat before a workout to maximize your exercise efforts!

4. Set realistic goals

One of our best pieces of advice for women’s fitness has got to be goal setting! Mindset is everything when it comes to exercise and reaching your body goals. Of course, we’d all love to see the weight drop off overnight - but this isn’t quite how it happens. Setting realistic expectations and understanding the timeline of expected weightloss can help manage those goals! Being consistent with your workouts is crucial for reaching your goals, with a realistic timeline in place that makes it doable. Losing weight can be a long game, but with a healthy diet, high intensity workouts and a bit of variety, you’ll be well on your way! It’s pretty common to lose more weight in the initial weeks, especially when our bodies are feeling a little shocked by the introduction of intense exercise! But keep going, ladies, you’ve totally got this.

5. The key to female fitness: Consistency

Sticking to your goals will keep you on the path to success! The combination of a healthy diet and consistent exercise will not only get you into a routine, but help you reach your goals faster.
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For example, add regular stretching into your regime, to keep yourself limber and avoid injury. With consistent exercise and a little strength training, you’ll not only lose weight, but tone up too. One of our key fitness tips for women is always: Consistency. Sticking to a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, regular stretching, good sleep and regular exercise. Those goals are so close, ladies! Following these simple women’s fitness tips will set you on the right track for success.

Ready to reach your goals?

With these straight forward fitness tips, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your dreams. But of course, if you need a little help, why not try Zotrim? Our 100% natural and clinically proven appetite suppressant can help you kick snacking to the curb, so you can get on with achieving your goals.
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