3 Things You Must Do If You’re Serious About Becoming A Beast

3 Things You Must Do If You’re Serious About Becoming A Beast

It doesn’t matter what fitness plan you follow. It doesn’t matter what style of diet you follow. It doesn’t matter what unique situations you find yourself in. What does matter are three simple things: Work hard, make sacrifices, and be consistent! If you do these three things you will make progress and become your best self.

Work hard

Beasts don’t sit around waiting for things to be handed to them. They hunt, they stalk, and they work relentlessly to not only survive but thrive! No matter what you are doing, you need to work hard for it. If you are training to get stronger and/or bigger, you need to put in hard work in the gym. If you are aiming to get lean, you have to put in hard work in the kitchen. If you want to make long-term progress, you have to work hard at everything. That even means working hard towards improving your rest and recovery. After all, a beast doesn’t perform at maximum intensity for long periods of time. Instead, they pick and choose their times to show their skills and recover until next time. Work hard in the gym, the kitchen, and towards improving your lifestyle to be productive towards your goals. A restless beast isn’t the strongest one. Hard work is the predecessor of reaching your goal!

Make sacrifices

You might not get to go out every weekend to the bar with your friends. You might have to skip a few dates to get your training sessions in. You might have to skip the local food festival when you are aiming to achieve unnatural results. Beasts don’t think twice about these sacrifices. They know that uncomfortable situations are necessary. Your comfort zone is exactly where you won’t find success! If you want to be big and strong, you will have to sacrifice things that others take for granted. Leisure is a luxury that you can’t afford. When working towards goals that most think are impossible, you don’t have any off days. The gym, the kitchen, and your recovery become priority #1. If you aren’t willing to sacrifice certain things, you aren’t cut out for this! If you work hard but refuse to sacrifice things that can hold you back, your results will be limited greatly.

Be consistent

Every single person can be dedicated for one day at a time. Most people can stay dedicated for a week. Many people can even stay dedicated for a month or two. But what truly separates the beasts from the wannabes is the long-term dedication over years. You won’t become a beast in a year, or even two. It takes a long time to become the alpha animal you yearn to be. It doesn't take 100% consistency in the gym or kitchen. What it does take is sufficient consistency for long periods of time. A missed training session or an extra meal won’t make a huge difference over the long haul. Instead, they are useful breaks to allow you to refocus when they are over. Even the strongest beasts like to play from time to time. But when the time comes to show their dominance, they are there consistently ready to roar! Consistency is the overarching obstacle to achieving success. Working hard and sacrificing things for a week or two really doesn’t matter. What matters is what you do over the long term.

3 steps to your inner beast

Work hard, make sacrifices, be consistent... that’s all you need to do to make the changes you want in your life. It’s all you need to set your inner beast free. You are going to work hard in the gym, the kitchen, and when you have to recover, just as a beast would. You are going to make sacrifices for your lifestyle to ensure you are progressing towards your goals. You are going to be consistent in your journey to ensure that you become the alpha that you want to be. That’s all it takes! Don't major in the minors. These three things are exactly what it takes to become successful, so don’t get caught up in minute details before mastering these!
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